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Spark! Business Turnaround - Scope

One way of articulating the 4 meta issues discussed earlier is to articulate them within the description of the worst nightmare competitor you can imagine having, which should be:

"We need to have the Right people, doing the Right things, the Right way, for the Right reasons with everyone in the business fully engaged and aware of their contribution, as their Scaleable business grows within its means."

The dimensions of a successful turnaround

Turnaround Focus Areas

Depending on the circumstances of your business, we will set priorities with you and in the most sensible order deal with the following: (Note in each section we go through specific turnaround tactics that show bottom-line benefit, that emerge within weeks!)

  1. Austerity and the adoption of LEAN management philosophy
  2. Cash & Value Based Management
  3. Strategy & Planning
  4. Operating Model and the Value Chain
  5. Key Processes - monitoring, ownership and removal of waste
  6. People management, accountability, incentives and structures
  7. Personal Development and Leadership
  8. Institutional habits, alignment and communication
  9. Reliable execution

These Turnaround Obstacle all will be dealt with:

  1. Problems of delegation and team-building.
  2. Poor data.
  3. Structure.
  4. Thought leadership.

Here's a logical approach to getting started and building momentum.Our Turnaround sections consist of the following stages. Discovery, getting an understanding of the key issues, and setting priorities reflected in a plan of attack. Coached execution, in which we tackle each problem in a logical, structured manner as we have planned. We work through examples or case studies of similar cases from which we can learn, we absorb the logic of what needs to be done and what inter-dependencies exist, and then apply this to the task at hand. Each milestone we reach then prompts us to reflect, taking a moment to re-assess, and confirm priorities if they need to change. This is a repetitive cycle that takes a few weeks from start to finish, but ensures that what is being done is what needs to be done and relevant! Key to the turnaround is an initial set of quick wins, which are tangible and visible to the business at large. Creating momentum is key and quick success even if small will galvanize the organization. Every turnaround is different in the detail, and we will make sure that we craft an effective plan with you, please contact us to set up a "power-hour" workshop (it takes longer) which requires no commitment from you.

Some useful links for you

TMA - South Africa - Turnaround Management Association of South Africa

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Don't brood and ponder in isolation! - There's no harm in chatting

There are some very good Business Rescue and Turnaround people in South Africa. The industry body has very good information and has a list of Business Rescue Practitioners for you to review. Talk to a couple of people at least. Do not limit your conversations. If you need to talk to us, even on week-ends, please contact us. We understand the pressures you are facing, and if talking to us on a week-end or evening helps you have a better night's sleep, then that's something we have no problem in doing!