Spark - A unique team

We have worked together in various capacities for more than a decade in turnaround engagements and distressed debt investments with great success - there are no strangers here! We offer what no legal pratice can provide, and guarantee a practical business orientated rescue turnaround that is world class.

Summary backgrounds and roles

Team Member Summary Profile Education Focus Areas
Ivan Uttley Ivan is based in Johannesburg. He has held senior rescue, transformation and turnaround roles over his 30 year career which has taken him from New York to Toyko, from London to Johannesburg with Paris, Houston and Frankfurt in between. He has worked across the spectrum of distressed interventions, from Informal Debt Workouts to Business Rescues. He has also worked in various industries from eCommerce (eBay where he worked on the integration and turnarounds of acquired businesses), Automotive (where he worked on Ford automotive's Visteon programme), Banking (Barclays/ABSA, where he worked on the turnaround of their Business Banking segment), Insurance (where he worked on the turnaround of Mutual & Federal's Group Scheme's business) In his spare time he pursues a wide range of activities, from travel to cooking. With varying degrees of success yet with great enthusiasm he designs and builds multi-stage high powered rockets with his two daughters. B.Sc Electronic Engineering- UCT - South Africa

INSEAD - France
Any manner of informal debt workout, turnaround or prepack. Will conduct a Business Rescue very selectively and only where a turnaround is possible (although he has seen possibility often where others saw hopelessness), with a preference for distressed debt investments.
He has great empaythy for Small Businesses and has yet to turn down a sincere plea for assistance and guidance.
Tim Loughton Tim Loughton is the high energy and uncompromising co-founder and Director of Corporate Delivery Consultants Pty(Ltd) Spark!'s strategic partner. He is the product of a successful family owned business and grew up in an entrepreneurial home. He takes a particular interest in the philosophy behind delivery, organizational behaviour and entrepreneurship. Tim has a habit of identifying and fixing company problems and would welcome understanding your particular business challenge. When he is not working, he typically will be spending time with his young family going strange places to find birds the rest of us would hardly notice. Hons degree in Finance

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Business Turnarounds and Solution Delivery  Tim provides the Quality Assurance to the rest of the team on the Business Rescue Plan content and acts as devils advocate in our key decision making process
Matthew M'Çrystal That rare lawyer with an Honors Degree in Finance and complete comfort and familiarity with financial terms and concepts. Matthew makes sure that all our legal deliverables complement our business goals from a financial perspective. Apart from the obvious financial grasp of balance sheets and income statements he appreciates key recue plan content such as Cash Conversion Cycles and Self Funding Growth rates that a quality rescue plan demands. BCom Hons (Business Finance)|LLB All Legal aspects of the Rescue or Turnaround with final legal QA of Rescue Plan and published notices.
Jessica Erens Jessica Erens has worked at Ernst & Young, Barclays and as a Financial Manager across various industries. She provides specialist accounting and tax input and also works with agriculture clients. Her calm, no-nonsense practical approach.and her understanding of risk hint at her farming background. Her family still work the land on farms in Naboomspruit and outside Mahikeng/Mafikeng. She is married to Dylan, an Engineeer and they have three sons. B.Comm - Potchefstroom Accounting and Tax with additional input on matters agricultural.