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Workshop Content - Werksmans - Informal Debt Workouts

This is a repository of the presentation and a reference for those who found it interesting and of practical use.

Ice-Breaker - One - Alertness & Awareness

Awareness test:

Spot the differences

There are 21 changes. The images below represent the opening scene, the ending scene and the differences. See if you can spot the differences.

Ice-Breaker - Two - Stroop Test

Say the name of the color the word is printed in, not what the word says.

Stroop Test

The Presentation: Werksmans Attorneys Workshop - Informal Debt Workouts

The presentation can be downloaded here.

It might be a few decades old, but here is the original London Approach.

Published from Google Drive

Powerpoint Embedded iframe

This embedded version messes up the MS PowerPoint transitions and page numbering and animation but if you wish to access the presentation online - there it is.