What's this all about?

Let's not assume alignment in thinking so we should start by seeking some agreement:: 

  1. We have enough stress in our lives and anything that allows for harmony should at least be entertained (and discarded if it does not work for you.)
  2. Disharmony in your own life, might be acceptable to you, but it impacts your family, and those you work with, so this is not just about you.
  3. Just as often we are only too willing to take credit for the brilliance of our family or employees, we must accept their failures as ours.
  4. Asking "why?" 10 times when finding failure is a useful tool for understanding your own complicity in failures. for example:
    • Sales just lost us our biggest client
    • There will be consequences for someone not doing their job!
    • But actually the account executive escalated the issue to the Head of Sales, seeking assistance.
    • The Head of Sales would have informed you, but a month ago, when she scheduled a 1:1 you canceled at the last minute
    • Your secretary was informed of the situation and promised to reschedule, but did not. Turns out the secretary and the Head of Sales have mutual friends and there's bad blood.
    • In frustration the Account Executive thought of approaching you directly, but fears you.
    • Things look a little different now don't they?
  5. Asking "why" all the time, is an emotional boomerang, everything will end up being your fault, so don't punish yourself, build accountability
  6. But getting your people to change is difficult if they don't see the same willingness in you.
  7. We should agree that most instances of a business fundamental not happening, has a technical and a behavioral component
  8. The behavioral component address how the business responds to and adopts the culture your behaviors, attitudes and habits create
  9. The health of the business is contingent on your leadership and we all need to reflect on that
  10. The best place is to look internally at yourself and then to move on to the broader business
  11. Personal development, needs to not look at work in isolation but at all domains of your life * this is where we will start. The following sections provide a simple and practical approach to personal development.

OK? If you have concerns or disagree, let's have a frank discussion.