Bringing alive your core business attributes - Purpose, Value & Competence

For Discussion - these are merely seeds.

This has to be one of the main focus points of the business leadership. Left alone it may well just develop or morph into something you never wished for. Here are some examples of tools to use, each of which youshould consider, and then build upon. Trying to do all of them from day one (assuming you do a little of each already), won't work, it will come across as contrived. As with all good execution, think, think again, prioritise, focus, execute, learn, refine, re-prioritise, refocus etc. Fortunately these have their own naturla order, ie Recruitment, Onboarding will out rank Dismissal (unpleasant but YOU must not shirk awayform your leadership duty) 

Make it part of your every day

The leadership team need to lead by example, and their actions and the way they go about business must reflect your business values. If people are not seeing this then make sure people know how to translate the Values into Actions. What does it mean to be.....

Story Telling

 In your business meetings, newsletters, annual awards, christmas dinners, always assign time for anecdotal evidence and story telling to re-inforce your values. Tie this to some public recognition of exemplary behaviour.


Hire for cultural fit rather than just technical competence. Easier said than done, but we have a coaching session on how to hire.

Onboarding and Orientation

Invest time in welcoming people, and managing expectations.

Performance Appraisals

Behaviors must form part of your performance appraisals

Recognition & Reward

Make sure you include a public recognition of someone living your values, and make sure the reward is substantial!


You cannot afford to allow certain lines to be crossed, and in such instances they must be acted upon swiftly, fairly, and openly.