The Domains of your Rich and Fulfilled Life

Your Leadership and how it is perceived (and thus its impact) concerns all the domains of your life. You might argue that Bill Clinton's philandering had nothing to do with his ability to govern the country, but it undermined his ability to lead. So leadership is not about your conduct at work it is about your life!

If you doubt this, then think about what leadership is meant to provide.

  • Firstly, and most obviously is must provide direction and guide actions
  • But it must provide confidence and in this stability in times of uncertainty
  • It must unify, and this is best done by creating a common purpose from which individual's derive meaning
  • This then allows enthusiasm or purpose to be created, which builds commitment.

The following sections provide a simple and practical approach to personal development and follow this framework, which encompasses all domains of your life.

Personal Development Stages

What these stages mean, in each they take us from instances where we reflect those negative characteristics to more frequent occurrences where we show our best!

Be Real Be Whole Be Innovative

all the while taking care of our WHOLE life, which means:

where once we..... Integrating work, home, society and self Soon....
Tended to sacrifice fulfillment and success in other domains as we focused on a single domain We settle only for success and fulfillment in all domains
Missed and ignored opportunities to We use opportunities in certain domains to enhance the other domains
Created conflict between the domains Enjoyt Harmony between the domains

Next we'll explore the skills we need to enhance in the pursuit of these goals.