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Invest in yourself - Personal Development

Any fool can do Cash Management and Strategy, and they do! - they're called "Management Consultants" with MBAs. Now we move onto the hard part where you will have to use your own personal qualities, to lead, guide, motivate and inspire. We'll re-enforce this on top of the mechanical basics and from this build something that is robust, able to take knocks and lasting. As your business grows and you succeed, you may very well do less of the Strategy and Cash/Value management and you might well rely on others to do much of this, but in so far as leadership and people are concerned that is yours to own and can never be outsourced or delegated. 

Empower Yourself

You've heard the adage, "there are no bad dogs, just bad owners", well the same is largely true of employees and managers. Managers have a tendency to hire people just like themselves, faults and all, unfortunately. So before we get to the domain of People Your Organization, a little inward reflection, looking into the mirror, is required.