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The Greatest Differentiator

Reliable Execution

As an SME you have to do those things brilliantly that larger competitors with strong brands and deep pockets struggle with, and that is executing reliably and effectively. There are simple things that often are ignored, the mistakes made in execution are those you'll learn to avoid if you take a French Cooking course, a team building exercise for your team? (Learning through doing!) In a French kitchen, where is the most emphasis placed? Fresh, quality produce direct from the market? No that's not the secret (French cuisine evolved long before refrigerators were available and is a result of creative people making do with that which is past its best!) The emphasis is placed on the "mise en place" , the putting in place, the setup. Preparation, which requires planning, the right time horizons, which all allows for focus, ownership and reliable execution. This sections starts off with a single "Turn-On, Tune-In, Tune-Up and Drop your Competitors" workshop We tailor this based on our own observations of each business, and the priorities that emerge. The common points we deal with are summarized as follows: